What is The Oasis Center for Women and Girls?

We are a nonprofit organization in Tallahassee whose mission is to "improve the lives of women and girls through celebration and support". We are focused on personal, professional, and economic concerns facing women, girls and their families. We are committed to addressing these issues individually through the provision of direct services and collectively through community dialogue and awareness.

We have big ideas for Oasis. Started in 2007, Oasis was created by women who believe in the vision of a general resource center for women and girls. Our founders ar women and men from all walks of life and they represent diverse interests and experiences. What they share is a belief that offering expanded opportunities for women and girls helps the entire community.

Services and Programs

Services for Women
Single Moms Support
Mother-Daughter Circles
Consciousness Raising Groups
Women Can Run

Services for Girls
Girls Circles
Girls Can Do Anything Summer Camp

Community Programs
The Trailblazer Project and Women's History Month
The Celebration Event
Leon County Commission on the Status of Women and Girls

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